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The  BEST decision I could have made!! I have taken the Master Brow Artist Certification, Advanced Waxing Theory, Mini Brazilian with strip and hard wax, and the mini full face wax online course.  Plus, I have all of Crickett's DVDs and I only use her wax products.  Needless to say, I am hooked!!  She is amazing!  Her education resources have helped me immensely! She is so helpful and truly has a heart to help Estheticians further their knowledge in waxing. I just love The Wax Chick!!

Leah F.

I LOVE the Pina Colada wax and use it for brows and really picks up the fine baby hairs and smells great too. I also attended Crickett's workshop and find her to be professional and very knowledgable about business...which is extremely helpful in an industry like ours. I also had a 1-1 coaching call to talk through some issues I was struggling with in my own business. It's like talking to your best girlfriend who always has the right things to say to make you feel better and more confident. Thanks Crickett!

Dawn V.

I took private brazilian waxing training with Crickett. She was very thorough and spent time answering my questions and figuring out what I needed to continue to practice. I came away feeling confident and added this service to my menu which I am already recieving clients for. I also bought her Beelicious line and I love all the products!


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Save $$$ AND make $$$ Waxing!

My #1 piece of advice is "HARD WAX IS NOT STRIP WAX". 

The application method is TOTALLY DIFFERENT.  The consistency is TOTALLY DIFFERENT.  There is a very BIG LEARNING CURVE when using hard wax.  It takes time and patience.  Which is why it is considered somewhat of a specialty.